Hi I'm Jierui, a

Designing for Wildfire Induced Displacement
Design Research // Prototyping
Coming Soon!
Tools for community based succession in the wildland urban interface
Samsung Design Innovation Center
Experience Design // Research
Coming Soon!
Designing for neurodiversity across Samsung's suite of mobile and wearable devices
Industrial Design // Manufacturing
Coming Soon!
Copper lamp for the collection and preservation of flora
Your Friend AI
Design Fiction // Research
Coming Soon!
Exploring social connection through physical activity
UX & Market Research // Prototyping
Coming Soon!
Responsive cooling for people undergoing menopause

In Brief

My work is defined by it's versatility, ranging from industry, to nonprofit, to government, and academia. I am capable of diving into implementation and execution details while also holding focus for the larger design vision. Some snapshots of my most recent experiences:

Tidepool Project
Design Strategist
Jun 2020 — Oct 2021
Spatio Metrics
Product Designer
Oct 2019 — Jan 2020
Civic Design Fellow
Jun 2019 — Aug 2019
MIT Little Devices Lab
Design Researcher
Jun 2018 — May 2019